Beehive Mile 2018

It was a wet and miserable day out in Cornwall park for the annual running of the Beehive Mile. Taking our hardy club members from one end of the park to the other in what only can be described as a drag race for glory. For the first time in our clubs history a woman has taken the Beehive Mile victory. Young talent, Grace Wilson, claimed crowning glory in the 2018 edition of the race. In a post race interview Wilson noted that she couldn't wait to "get lit" (whatever that means) later at her 18th birthday celebrations. 

Congratulations to all that ran, we look forward to seeing you throughout the rest of the season. 

1st       Grace Wilson               5.52    Closest to estimated (5.50)
2nd     King Paz                       6.00
3rd      Jonathan Drake            6.20
4th      Joshua Rowbotham      7.12
5th      David Rowbotham       7.13
6th      Sam Wheeler                8.03
7th      Kate Wheeler               8.05
8th      Jonathan Wheeler        8.10
9th      Beth Wheeler              10.09
10th    Charlotte                     10.32
11th    Damian Wheeler         10.33
12th    Isabelle Rowbotham    11.28